Tuesday, 29 December 2009


So this season one of my main obsessions has been headbands, the kind that are like mini fascinators with flowers, sequins feathers and lace :)
I think this trend may have started with the Diane Von Furstenberg (one of my favourite designers) SS09 shows, which featured many floral head pieces...

Although the winter versions have been a bit more classy in darker colours.

Bambako have the best range of fascinator inspired headbands this season.. here are just a few...

Celebrities have really embraced this trend on the red carpet and for everyday casual looks.. heres just a few I've found...
Eva Mendes takes one headband from the red carpet to her
casual look with simple but elegant hairstyles.

I love Nicole Richie's hippie style beaded headband, laid back
and cool... just her style.

Although I've really gone off Mischa Barton lately I love this
headband, it's similar to one I have myself and looks great with
this hair colour.

I thought I'd include a few of Zooey Deschanel too because I think
she is the most beautiful girl alive and I LOVE those headbands :)

So here's a few quick pics of my fascinator inspired headbands (sorry about the quality, I meant to take them earlier in the day but forgot so had to make do with the bad lighting in my room)...

(click to enlarge)
The first is just a simple black sequin bow but I thought it was quite cute. The second some of you may recognise from one of my earlier blog posts about pretaportobello.com although I bought the green colour instead of the gold, I thought it would just be a bit different and it's nice and festive. The third is my absolute favourite, it was a Christmas present from my Mom and is just perfect, it has feathers, lace, a big flower and lots of jewels and beads :) the picture really doesn't do it justice but I'm planning on wearing it for New Years Eve so ill try and get a better pic to show you then.

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas! I've seen a few of your present posts and I'm planning to get a little one done in the next few days too :) make sure you all do an outfit post of your NYE get up too :) can't wait to see how gorgeous you all look.. my friend is having a house party (less hassle than going to a club) and I'm so excited to be with all my favourite people.
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  1. thanks for u're comment dear :)
    i follow u...

  2. I absolutely love headbands! I'm definitely going to look up that Bambako brand ... thank you!

  3. love the first picture- reminds me of woodstock completely. and nicole richie? AMAZING.
    gorgeous gorgeouss blogg!

  4. great blog love your style :)

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  5. my obsession too! i love headbands and I wish I could wear more. The black sequin bow it's amazing!!!

    Happy new year!!

  6. Beautiful headbands.








  7. Thanks for posting about Bambako. I've been searching for some nice headbands and haven't been very lucky.

    ps. love your blog. hope you have time to check out mine too www.rubyreckons.blogspot.com

  8. I LOVE the idea of decorating your head! OH GOSH! SEQUINS. I died a little. :) <3

  9. they're all goregous!! thanks for your comment :] xxx

  10. what a wonderful post! headbands are just a miracle in themselves. ..no time to to coiff? wear a headband! outfit lacking intreset? wear a headband! seriously, they're amazing..espically nicole's boho chic one. it's so interesting wiht a band that runs down the back, and like you said, just her style.

    Maddy, Alec, Madeline and Rebecca
    La Société de Mode| The Fashion Society

  11. Beautiful headpieces!


  12. headbands are so adorable. anyone can rock a super cute headband. thanks for your sweet comment girl, i'd love to see you rock out a band tee ! pictures please, so i can see how you rocked it out : )

    xx lue

  13. cute cute!!

    trade links?

  14. fab post - i am obsessed with hairband too

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment - sorry for the late reply

    Happy New Year Darling!

    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  15. Great blog!
    Happy new year and Thanks for the comment!

  16. I am so over the bow headbands, but I really love the colorful feather and flower ones, nice picks!

  17. Those DVF ones are so seriously cute!

    I would start wearing some more if I wasn't so worried about having a small head :(

    They suit you, and they're just the edge or quirk you need to make an outfit stand out :)

    Happy New Year!


  18. great post! i love all the diffrent headbands!

  19. I always wear headbands when I don't know what to do with my hair. They're great.

  20. i adore decorative headbands!

  21. love all these! I have a feathered headband but haven't actually worn it yet - I love it to pieces but it's not really my style. I don't want to waste it thoug! Maybe I should hold a giveaway or something?

    Sorry about the late reply btw - I've had swine flu! What a perfect start to the New Year :)

    ♥ Hannah




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