Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ankle Envy

I've always really really loved ankle boots, such a great way to give an edge to simple outfits. So I was really pleased to see them come into fashion so much this winter. I was kind of surprised to see so many stars wearing ankle boots on the red carpet but they do look so awesome with bare legs too! This will mean they can stay for spring (and the British summer) too :)
So here are a few celebs rocking the bare legged ankle boots look...

Although I'm sometimes a bit skeptical of SJP's fashion choices I really love those white boots with gold studs there are some very similar available from ASOS here and they're only £20!!!!

Katy Perry showing us that we can do smart looks with ankle boots.. and I lovelovelove the dress and bag too!!! (oh and off the subject, but how cute are her and Russell?!)

Alexa looking amazing as usual and giving the cute floral dress a rock edge with lace up ankle boots.

 I always love Leighton's style! In the first look the sexy dress is completed in a demure but rock'n'roll way with the purple suede ankle boots. In the next look the casual outfit is totally set off by the AMAZING Louboutin boots (which I have been lusting over for a looooong time now!).

90210 star Jessica Stroup matches the black and gold in the shift dress to her cutecutecute ankle boots.

I'm really sorry it's taken so long to get this post out! Mad times at work and so many other things going on have made my life pretty crazy! But I promise that my blog posts will be more regular from now on.. and more uptodate than the winter trends!
A few things I'm obsessed with at the moment are: Bones! aah my friend bought my the box sets for xmas and I've just watched them back-to-back non stop! It's such a good programme and Booth being so hot definitely helps :). Also Laura Marling is such an amazing singer songwriter (gorgeous style too!) so check out her myspace here. Obviously my ebay obsession continues but no mega bargains lately.
So I need a little help from all you fashionistas, I have pretty long hair now and I'm thinking about have it really short again a little like Jessica Stroup's in the pic above but messier and with more layers and a bit of a wave. I had short hair a few years ago and hated it at the time but when I look back at pictures I think it looks a lot better than it does long so I'll let you lot decide..
My hair now...

aand when it was short...

So let me know what you think :) and dont forget to follow me on twitter here.
Thank you so much for following me and for all of your lovely comments.



  1. Yup, you look cute with short hair. I like the lighter colour on you better as well.

  2. Lovely purple ankle booties! and I loved the hair when it is long!

    and I agree with your comment, we should be saying no to the both ways
    I just loved the "costume" aspect of the editorial!

  3. Oooh, Alexa can really pull of the ankle boots and bare legs look :)

    I love your hair when it was shorter and messier :)

  4. I'm so into ankle boots too right now!

    I like your new hairdo. You look absolutely beautiful!

  5. Hi :)
    I love ankle boots also and I love victorian appeal of SJP's pair. Alexa Chung can wear anything.
    And Katy and Russell are SOOO cute. My friend won £50 on a bet they'd get engaged this year!

    cute blog girl! :)

    p.s I like the shorter hair, it's very sophisticated

  6. It's not something I'd wear myself but I really like SJP's outfit with the white boots, they remind me of ice skates! And I absolutely love Leighton's outfit with the cardigan. I think your hair suits you short.

  7. Love the ankle boots..your hair looks great both ways!

  8. Oh gosh, ankle boots are fab. Ilove them so much! And that's a tough one, ou really do have beautiful hair. Just pick one that really compliments your style and mayjority of you outfits.

  9. ahh ankle boots ! what more could a girl ask for : )

    xx lue

  10. I love ankle boots so much, too!

  11. i love them too i cant get enough of them i need more lol xoxox

  12. yeah it's way too cold for bare legs...but they still go with some tights :)


  13. You're so luck you can pull off both but go for short - it'll grow back and it really suits you =]

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment dearest, so sorry for the insanely late reply!

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  14. the last outfit, a gold dress - love it!

  15. You hair looks so gorgeous now, i love it! and great runway photos. so beautiful! :)

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