Sunday, 24 January 2010

shopping shopping shopping

I will do a proper post soon bu as you will see I've been busy shopping :) So here are my purchases over the past few weeks...

Jersey jacket - £22 - New Look

Floral Dress - £18 - New Look

Tina Turner ripped back tshirt - £12 - Tee & Cake @ Topshop

Lace-up sandals - £40 - Topshop

Peg trousers - £30 - Asos

Printed Zip Dress - £8 - Asos

Blue suede ankle boots - £20 - Dorothy Perkins

So just a little update for you :) Sorry I havent posted in a while, been really busy with work, I promise they'll be some soon..



  1. I love that New Look jacket!

  2. those Dorothy Perkins boots are so nice
    that blue is just wild!!!!!


  3. I love everything you bought :)

  4. How good has new look got lately? I went in looking for something with my friend about a month ago and couldn't believe the transformation. I think the bright lights used to repel me but slowly realizing it's worth it, love the blazer!

  5. ooh the first two looks go so well together - lovely purchases

    thanks so much for your wonderful comment - apologies for the ridiculously late reply!

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  6. i love that floral dress. i just top a shirt in a veryyy similar pattern

    xx lue

  7. I love the peg trousers so cool, I envy you! I also like the blue suede ankle boots.
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  8. Thanks for sharing I'm defitely going to buy that floral dress


I love reading all of your comments and I'll do my best to return them :)