Tuesday, 29 December 2009


So this season one of my main obsessions has been headbands, the kind that are like mini fascinators with flowers, sequins feathers and lace :)
I think this trend may have started with the Diane Von Furstenberg (one of my favourite designers) SS09 shows, which featured many floral head pieces...

Although the winter versions have been a bit more classy in darker colours.

Bambako have the best range of fascinator inspired headbands this season.. here are just a few...

Celebrities have really embraced this trend on the red carpet and for everyday casual looks.. heres just a few I've found...
Eva Mendes takes one headband from the red carpet to her
casual look with simple but elegant hairstyles.

I love Nicole Richie's hippie style beaded headband, laid back
and cool... just her style.

Although I've really gone off Mischa Barton lately I love this
headband, it's similar to one I have myself and looks great with
this hair colour.

I thought I'd include a few of Zooey Deschanel too because I think
she is the most beautiful girl alive and I LOVE those headbands :)

So here's a few quick pics of my fascinator inspired headbands (sorry about the quality, I meant to take them earlier in the day but forgot so had to make do with the bad lighting in my room)...

(click to enlarge)
The first is just a simple black sequin bow but I thought it was quite cute. The second some of you may recognise from one of my earlier blog posts about pretaportobello.com although I bought the green colour instead of the gold, I thought it would just be a bit different and it's nice and festive. The third is my absolute favourite, it was a Christmas present from my Mom and is just perfect, it has feathers, lace, a big flower and lots of jewels and beads :) the picture really doesn't do it justice but I'm planning on wearing it for New Years Eve so ill try and get a better pic to show you then.

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas! I've seen a few of your present posts and I'm planning to get a little one done in the next few days too :) make sure you all do an outfit post of your NYE get up too :) can't wait to see how gorgeous you all look.. my friend is having a house party (less hassle than going to a club) and I'm so excited to be with all my favourite people.
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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Crazy Christmastime

Hey guys, so sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, its been kind of hectic on my end!! Working non-stop over the Christmas period, everyone wants personal shoppers over this time so I've been doing 12 hour shifts with literally no break!! And then my friends are all back from uni for 2 weeks so I've been making the most of them while they're home :)
I am reading all of your lovely comments and I promise I will return them asap! I have a few posts lined up in my drafts too so will try and get one done soon :)
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Heres a pic of my friend and I at the German Christmas Market in Birmingham this week...

Have an amazing Christmas guys!! Can't wait to hear what you've all been up to!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Mouret Madness

Over the past month or so I've started to notice that every fashionable celebrity event is filled with Roland Mouret wearing stars and... well... I have a confession, he seems to have completely passed me by, I know absolutely nothing about the guy or his work, so I've been doing a fair bit of research on him.
First here are few celebs in his dresses...


As a Parisian gay-activist, it would be difficult for him not to be amazingly stylish but he is said to have "a native awareness of sensuality", which explains why his collections sell out within hours. His signature features are clinched silhouettes and subtle couture touches.
His 'Moon dress', made famous by our very own Victoria Beckham, was probably his biggest success, worn by numerous celebrities and selling out all over the world.

 Although I don't find his collections particularly fascinating I do think he understands the female form and the cuts of his dresses are simple but flattering, suitable for every occasion. Here's a few dresses I like from this seasons collection...


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days I've been kind of busy Christmas shopping etc(all sorted now apart from the parents). Oh and most of my friends are now back from uni so we had a bit of a party last night with a few too many drinking games. We also found some woks that we sat in and got the guys to drag us around the room while they were trying to play pool :) more fun than it sounds when you're a bit merry...

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nobody can bend it like Beckham...

For some reason I seem to have overlooked Victoria Beckham's rise in Fashion. I think it might be because I've always thought of her as Posh Spice, I mean I went to see the spice girls in concert when I was about 6, and never expected I'd be writing a blog 12 years later about her being a serious fashion icon and designer.
Although I'm not so keen on the weight issues and constant 8 inch heels I do think she has really worked hard to establish herself on the fashion scene without being a wag dressing head-to-toe in badly styled designer clothes.

She received one of the highest honors in the fashion world by appearing on the cover of British Vogue in April 2008.

To be honest I haven't really followed her clothing line but looking at the ss10 collection it really is amazing, using a woman's shape to inspire beautiful dresses, which hug the figure in the right places and flare in fairytale skirts and peplum dresses. The colours are truly beautiful too, personally I love nude coloured clothes and these are no exception, the very simple block coloured dresses are sophisticated and elegant but extremely stylish too. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the clothes are actually designed by Mrs Beckham herself, I have to say I expected her to just put her name to designs she liked.

One more thing to love Victoria Beckham for is the animal rights - she is part of PETA's many anti-fur campaigns, she owns no furs herself and has pledged to never use them in her own creations.
So here's a few of my favourite dresses from the ss10 collection... GIRL POWER! :)


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So.. a little about my week, I've mostly been working but yesterday my mom and I had a rare day off together, so we went around some local antique shops which also sell vintage clothes, bags and jewelery, I got a really cute little necklace for £3! and my mom bought me a few things for Christmas which i'll show you when I get them :)
Anyway.. here's the necklace..

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Monday, 7 December 2009

The Scarlet Room

A few years ago a friend of mine set up a small business making and selling jewellery, reworking vintage pieces and unique vintage inspired neckalces, bracelets and brooches. Since then her work has got better and better, the jewellery is truly amazing! She now sells online, and in boutiques in Lichfield, Birmingham and Camden. The prices are reasonable and you wouldnt beleive the quality either! I think I may be her best customer, I have at least 15 pieces! Heres the link to her site www.the-scarlet-room.co.uk.

A few of pieces that I have from her collection!

Each piece is unique and a little tip... check out the charm bracelets.. they really are beautiful!


Saturday, 5 December 2009

David Byun

One of my favourite fashion photographers is David Byun... some of you have probably seen his captures of Agyness Deyn before, but he has some amazing concepts that he follows through to such a degree of acuracy its impossible to not be in awe.
So, heres a few of the best...

(click to enlarge pics)

I'd love to know your thoughts, and who are your favourite fashion photographers??

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Thursday, 3 December 2009


Another website review!!! This time for looklet.com. I discovered this website in about September but I have been addicted ever since. It's like a grown up Barbie...
So, the basic concept is creating outfits 'looks' using the huge library of clothes, shoes and accessories. You choose the model (and even her facial expression), you choose the background to match the theme of your 'look' and then you start the dress up fun! With designers clothing from Vivienne Westwood and Malene Birger to Louboutin you can create the outfits you want to wear but just can't afford (or are too scared to try yourself).

So choose your model and her facial expression...

Then choose your background...


And start dressing!

You can save your look onto your user page.. connect with other stylists and comment on their looks.
There are weekly styling competitions and one look is chosen as 'Look of the day' displayed on the front page of the website. New items are added everyday so you will never get bored of styling!

So join up and let me know your usernames so I can see what you're up to and check out my page FemmeLaMode.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I don't know how many of your will have heard of this website but I really love it! Not only because I found my prom dress there for a lot cheaper than anywhere else! It's full of some quirky independant designers and some brands you may have heard of such as Jovonna and Orion. Pretty recently they added my now favourite section which is the vintage section which includes prestigious names such as Balenciaga, Missoni, Ossie Clark, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin.
Here's a few of my favourite pieces at the moment....

Toki and Nabi Black Lace Jacket - £65
I love the sharp shoulders of this jacket and the slightly cropped body! Perfect little jacket for casual or dressy looks.

Stabo Pink Phone Box Print Vest - £12
This little vest is so cute!! I love the phone box print.. so quirky and cool for a casual day look with jeans and a chunky cardi.

Blush Nude Punch Dress - £65
I love nude clothes anyway.. but this dress is just gorgeous. The high-waist is very flattering and the hole-punch effect on the skirt is reminiscent of some Fendi looks we've seen on the catwalk this year. With some black tights and ankle boots this is an adorable look.

Sido 20s Style Sequin Headband - £19
Great look for the christmas season... adding a bit of sparkle and glamour to any outfit.

And until the 7th December you can enter the code PRETXMASGIFTS at the checkout to receive 30% off your purchase!! So get shopping...
Oh and if anyone wants to buy me the vintage Alexander Mcqueen jacket I would be very happy :)
Femme xxx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Gossip Girl Style - Season 3 Episode 11

Serena (Blake Lively) definitely had the best style in this episode... I loved her ADAM coat! the double breasted design is timeless and the embroidered collar is just amazing!
It's available for about £600 from here.

Not many people could pull off the Stella McCartney jumpsuit she wore to Thanksgiving dinner, but the low-v lace-insert piece was sexy and classy.

It's available for about £1,200 from here.

Let me know what you thought of this weeks Gossip Girl style...
Femme xxx