Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nobody can bend it like Beckham...

For some reason I seem to have overlooked Victoria Beckham's rise in Fashion. I think it might be because I've always thought of her as Posh Spice, I mean I went to see the spice girls in concert when I was about 6, and never expected I'd be writing a blog 12 years later about her being a serious fashion icon and designer.
Although I'm not so keen on the weight issues and constant 8 inch heels I do think she has really worked hard to establish herself on the fashion scene without being a wag dressing head-to-toe in badly styled designer clothes.

She received one of the highest honors in the fashion world by appearing on the cover of British Vogue in April 2008.

To be honest I haven't really followed her clothing line but looking at the ss10 collection it really is amazing, using a woman's shape to inspire beautiful dresses, which hug the figure in the right places and flare in fairytale skirts and peplum dresses. The colours are truly beautiful too, personally I love nude coloured clothes and these are no exception, the very simple block coloured dresses are sophisticated and elegant but extremely stylish too. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the clothes are actually designed by Mrs Beckham herself, I have to say I expected her to just put her name to designs she liked.

One more thing to love Victoria Beckham for is the animal rights - she is part of PETA's many anti-fur campaigns, she owns no furs herself and has pledged to never use them in her own creations.
So here's a few of my favourite dresses from the ss10 collection... GIRL POWER! :)


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So.. a little about my week, I've mostly been working but yesterday my mom and I had a rare day off together, so we went around some local antique shops which also sell vintage clothes, bags and jewelery, I got a really cute little necklace for £3! and my mom bought me a few things for Christmas which i'll show you when I get them :)
Anyway.. here's the necklace..

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  1. i love Victoria Beckham, i would love to be a fly on the wall in her life! :) xxx

  2. She created her own style and that's great because she has a strong personality and established also a lot of trends.. She's all that!

  3. I actually used to HATE, Victoria Beckham, I have no idea why, maybe because she was a wag and married quite a stooopid man, but anyhow, I've grown to love her recently, and I am in love with any shoes she wears. I think in ways she is very really, and wants to sort of get out of the limelight of being a wag!

    Great postie. I love the outfits.

    J'aime :]

  4. She looks gorgeous on this cover!

    Lovely blog!

  5. I'm following you on Twitter. Lovely blog, keep going!

  6. love the runway looks, so amazing! :)))


  7. Yes, Victoria has come a long way!


    PS That's a really lovely necklace!

  8. I used to feel indifferent about Victoria before, but she's truly proven herself to be a great designer. I love her collection alot, it's really sophisticated, and I wish I could pick up some of the peices for my own wardrobe.

  9. Super pretty necklace.

    I tend to go back and forth about how I feel about VB. She looks kinda plastic, and I'm jealous of her wafiness, but she's one hell of a chic dresser.

  10. cute necklace, i love anything victorian slash vintage. i love it. oh basically exchanging links would be posting eachothers link in our link section, but i'm not sure you have one. no worries though, i'm new to the blog thing too, and i'll still be stopping by

    xx lue

  11. Hey dear! Thanks for your comment! That necklace is a very rare find. I really like it, great spying! x

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