Sunday, 31 January 2010


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Sunday, 24 January 2010

shopping shopping shopping

I will do a proper post soon bu as you will see I've been busy shopping :) So here are my purchases over the past few weeks...

Jersey jacket - £22 - New Look

Floral Dress - £18 - New Look

Tina Turner ripped back tshirt - £12 - Tee & Cake @ Topshop

Lace-up sandals - £40 - Topshop

Peg trousers - £30 - Asos

Printed Zip Dress - £8 - Asos

Blue suede ankle boots - £20 - Dorothy Perkins

So just a little update for you :) Sorry I havent posted in a while, been really busy with work, I promise they'll be some soon..


Friday, 15 January 2010

Sweet as candy

Pastel shades are definitely one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2010. Ice cream colours are so perfect for spring and summer, they are fresh, cool and oh so pretty! They also look great on both tanned and fair skin, with blonde or brunette hair. But best of all they look great in my favourite material.. chiffon! I can't wait to get my hands on some beautiful pastel coloured pieces for the next season.
So although there's no way I could afford any of them heres my pick of the best catwalk looks in sugary shades...

Adam - Gorgeous materials and prints.

Burberry - Those skirts are gorgeous and I'm going to be looking everywhere for a coat like that.

Calvin Klein - I love oversized tees and the neckline is amazing.

Christopher Kane - Gingham prints are really big for ss10 too - I love combining trends :)

Dior - Gorgeous dress and the hair and make-up is so beautiful

Giles - Love the safari print and colours of this dress.

Louis Vuitton - How amazing are those afros?! The babydoll dress is cute too :)

Louise Goldin - I'm loving the one colour head to toe

Luella - It's such a shame that theres no more Luella, this was their best season yet :)

Marchesa - The colour, detail and cut are exquisite!

Marni - With looks like this you can see why Marni is my favourite label.

Michael Kors - As much as I hate him as a person, his dresses are such classics

Moschino - I want this whole look!

Mulberry - Neon pastel??

Nicole Farhi - Perfect shape and colour for summer

Thakoon - Love the colour combination

Tommy Hilfiger - THE jumpsuit for the season

Valentino - Pretty as a petal, and those shoes!! WOW!

Viktor&Rolf - Directional madness LOVE IT!

What are your favourite trends for the season? And whos collection are you lusting after?

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ankle Envy

I've always really really loved ankle boots, such a great way to give an edge to simple outfits. So I was really pleased to see them come into fashion so much this winter. I was kind of surprised to see so many stars wearing ankle boots on the red carpet but they do look so awesome with bare legs too! This will mean they can stay for spring (and the British summer) too :)
So here are a few celebs rocking the bare legged ankle boots look...

Although I'm sometimes a bit skeptical of SJP's fashion choices I really love those white boots with gold studs there are some very similar available from ASOS here and they're only £20!!!!

Katy Perry showing us that we can do smart looks with ankle boots.. and I lovelovelove the dress and bag too!!! (oh and off the subject, but how cute are her and Russell?!)

Alexa looking amazing as usual and giving the cute floral dress a rock edge with lace up ankle boots.

 I always love Leighton's style! In the first look the sexy dress is completed in a demure but rock'n'roll way with the purple suede ankle boots. In the next look the casual outfit is totally set off by the AMAZING Louboutin boots (which I have been lusting over for a looooong time now!).

90210 star Jessica Stroup matches the black and gold in the shift dress to her cutecutecute ankle boots.

I'm really sorry it's taken so long to get this post out! Mad times at work and so many other things going on have made my life pretty crazy! But I promise that my blog posts will be more regular from now on.. and more uptodate than the winter trends!
A few things I'm obsessed with at the moment are: Bones! aah my friend bought my the box sets for xmas and I've just watched them back-to-back non stop! It's such a good programme and Booth being so hot definitely helps :). Also Laura Marling is such an amazing singer songwriter (gorgeous style too!) so check out her myspace here. Obviously my ebay obsession continues but no mega bargains lately.
So I need a little help from all you fashionistas, I have pretty long hair now and I'm thinking about have it really short again a little like Jessica Stroup's in the pic above but messier and with more layers and a bit of a wave. I had short hair a few years ago and hated it at the time but when I look back at pictures I think it looks a lot better than it does long so I'll let you lot decide..
My hair now...

aand when it was short...

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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


So this season one of my main obsessions has been headbands, the kind that are like mini fascinators with flowers, sequins feathers and lace :)
I think this trend may have started with the Diane Von Furstenberg (one of my favourite designers) SS09 shows, which featured many floral head pieces...

Although the winter versions have been a bit more classy in darker colours.

Bambako have the best range of fascinator inspired headbands this season.. here are just a few...

Celebrities have really embraced this trend on the red carpet and for everyday casual looks.. heres just a few I've found...
Eva Mendes takes one headband from the red carpet to her
casual look with simple but elegant hairstyles.

I love Nicole Richie's hippie style beaded headband, laid back
and cool... just her style.

Although I've really gone off Mischa Barton lately I love this
headband, it's similar to one I have myself and looks great with
this hair colour.

I thought I'd include a few of Zooey Deschanel too because I think
she is the most beautiful girl alive and I LOVE those headbands :)

So here's a few quick pics of my fascinator inspired headbands (sorry about the quality, I meant to take them earlier in the day but forgot so had to make do with the bad lighting in my room)...

(click to enlarge)
The first is just a simple black sequin bow but I thought it was quite cute. The second some of you may recognise from one of my earlier blog posts about although I bought the green colour instead of the gold, I thought it would just be a bit different and it's nice and festive. The third is my absolute favourite, it was a Christmas present from my Mom and is just perfect, it has feathers, lace, a big flower and lots of jewels and beads :) the picture really doesn't do it justice but I'm planning on wearing it for New Years Eve so ill try and get a better pic to show you then.

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas! I've seen a few of your present posts and I'm planning to get a little one done in the next few days too :) make sure you all do an outfit post of your NYE get up too :) can't wait to see how gorgeous you all look.. my friend is having a house party (less hassle than going to a club) and I'm so excited to be with all my favourite people.
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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Crazy Christmastime

Hey guys, so sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, its been kind of hectic on my end!! Working non-stop over the Christmas period, everyone wants personal shoppers over this time so I've been doing 12 hour shifts with literally no break!! And then my friends are all back from uni for 2 weeks so I've been making the most of them while they're home :)
I am reading all of your lovely comments and I promise I will return them asap! I have a few posts lined up in my drafts too so will try and get one done soon :)
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Heres a pic of my friend and I at the German Christmas Market in Birmingham this week...

Have an amazing Christmas guys!! Can't wait to hear what you've all been up to!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Mouret Madness

Over the past month or so I've started to notice that every fashionable celebrity event is filled with Roland Mouret wearing stars and... well... I have a confession, he seems to have completely passed me by, I know absolutely nothing about the guy or his work, so I've been doing a fair bit of research on him.
First here are few celebs in his dresses...


As a Parisian gay-activist, it would be difficult for him not to be amazingly stylish but he is said to have "a native awareness of sensuality", which explains why his collections sell out within hours. His signature features are clinched silhouettes and subtle couture touches.
His 'Moon dress', made famous by our very own Victoria Beckham, was probably his biggest success, worn by numerous celebrities and selling out all over the world.

 Although I don't find his collections particularly fascinating I do think he understands the female form and the cuts of his dresses are simple but flattering, suitable for every occasion. Here's a few dresses I like from this seasons collection...


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days I've been kind of busy Christmas shopping etc(all sorted now apart from the parents). Oh and most of my friends are now back from uni so we had a bit of a party last night with a few too many drinking games. We also found some woks that we sat in and got the guys to drag us around the room while they were trying to play pool :) more fun than it sounds when you're a bit merry...

Hope you've all been having a fun Christmas period so far! Thank you all so much for following and all of your lovely comments, they make my day :D oh and don't forget to follow me on twitter here.